Meet The Corporate Gourmet team

Meet the friendly, passionate and experienced Corporate Gourmet team and find out how we came about...

about us

Our journey began back in 2011 when founder Josh Castle-Doughty started The Corporate Gourmet with a view to providing professional Michelin-style catering for small business customers looking to impress their clients and staff. This concept quickly grew into a viable business, and now The Corporate Gourmet team consists of four fine dining and event chefs specialising in delivering best-in-class catering to our clients.

The Corporate Gourmet now boasts hundreds of business clients, some of whom have been with us since the very beginning. 

Meet some of our amazing Corporate Gourmet team assembled in recent years, who all boast unique and invaluable experience in catering, events and hospitality. 

Meet the team

Josh Castle-Doughty
Founder & Director

Josh’s passion for cooking came from a young age; growing up learning to cook with Delia, and refining his skills in his teens with Jamie. Josh started The Corporate Gourmet as an alternative to the unremarkable and mainstream event catering on offer throughout London. Passionate about food, Josh loves overseeing (and taste testing) every morsel of food that leaves the kitchens.

Contact Josh and find out how The Corporate Gourmet can bring your business catering to life.

Chloe Castle-Doughty


Chloe has a hands-on presence in the business as the “face on the street”. She’s in charge of front of house management, event planning and the creative touches that make your corporate event unique and the catering so very special. Able to source absolutely anything and with a meticulous attention to detail, Chloe is constantly redefining the way we think about things. Expect to find Chloe personally dealing with your event enquiries.

Contact Chloe and find out how The Corporate Gourmet can bring your business catering to life.

Rhiannon Stichbury
Events Manager

With a degree in Art and Events Management from The Arts Institute of Bournemouth, Rhiannon joined The Gourmet Group with a wealth of experience and understanding of the events and hospitality industry. With a penchant for the weird and wacky, Rhiannon loves to seek out and add unique touches to events that you will not find anywhere else.

Contact Rhiannon and find out how The Corporate Gourmet can bring your business catering to life.

Call us now on 0203 432 8444 or email us on to speak directly to a member of The Corporate Gourmet team.

Kitchen & Front of House Team

Michael Lecouteur
Executive Chef

Michael is our Head Chef who specialises in fine dining and canapé events. Michael also writes our menus and is fundamental in their delivery. Expect to see Michael at most catering events by The Corporate Gourmet.

Damian Wojnarowski 
Head Chef

Damian joined The Corporate Gourmet in 2018 and has a wealth of event catering experience, with an exquisite attention to detail and delivery in both flavour and presentation.

Catalin Amarandai
Event Chef

Catalin joined The Corporate Gourmet in 2016 and specialises in boardroom catering. A wonderfully talented chef who recently won critical acclaim in 2018’s MasterChef: The Professionals.

Sebastian O’Molisina
Event Chef

Sebastian joined us in 2018 with a wealth of experience from the restaurant sector. The Italian chef will often be seen at our canapé events.

Silvana Allen
Head Front of House

Silvana joined us in early 2017 and manages our front of house teams. Found at nearly all of our events, she is in charge of running teams on the ground.

Ollie Lee
Bar & Beverages

With extensive experience in running event bars for many large corporate events, Ollie takes care of all our event bars, from conception right through to the clear up.